Color rendering San Pedro Farms

The Pangaea Design Process


An existing Tentative Tract Map is re-tooled to meet the client’s goals¬†for a pedestrian-friendly open space-centric plan with a mix of front-loaded and alley-loaded homes. The new community provides structure to both pedestrian and vehicular circulation and showcases storm water quality measures by using them as open space design elements dispersed throughout the site. Pangaea provided conceptual planning and preliminary engineering services to design the new community, currently pending approval by the County.

Overview of the site
  • Design an open space-centric community
  • Reduce lot sizes and translate area savings into open space
  • Incorporate homes served by alleys to reserve parkways for pedestrian travel
  • Maintain land uses and major¬†roads to allow for a Specific Plan Substantial Conformance in lieu of an Amendment
  • Limit unit count to 474
Aerial view of San Pedro site
  • 156 acres
  • 85% flat farmland
  • 15% prominent rocky open space
framework land use for San Pedro site
  • South end of Winchester Hills, Specific Plan 293
  • Riverside County
Pangaea methodology, the outdated map
  • Land uses prescribed by Specific Plan 293
  • Pedestrian circulation hindered by cul-de-sacs, knuckles and disjointed streets
  • Large lots in lieu of open space amenities
Concept plan
  • Establish circulation hierarchy
  • Two boulevards fronted by alley-loaded homes establish relaxed grid structure
  • North/south boulevard widens to embrace a park, creating a gathering space. Views from the park to the prominent rocky peak ground the community to its location and establish a sense of place.
  • Maintain school, commercial, open-space and residential uses
  • Incorporate urban design elements for character
  • Overlay pedestrian routes
San Pedro refinement site rendering
  • Design a mix of 4,000, 5,000 and 6,000 square-foot lots to meet pro forma requirements
  • Incorporate an active park in the southwest corner
  • Add an RV and boat storage facility
  • Locate a private recreation facility
  • Articulate the pedestrian routes
Preliminary Engineering Plan
  • Feature storm water quality as a design element within parkways, medians and open space
  • Storm water flows on the surface through water quality swales before going into pipes
  • Address Fire Department, Engineering, Planning and other agency concerns
San Pedro final collaborative project
  • Hydrology ~ showcase sustainable design with water quality basins and swales throughout the community
  • Landscape Architecture ~ Set the stage for a sense of place through urban design coupled with climatic- and use-appropriate landscape